Funny questions recently heard

“What does consumer mean?” – Asked by a very concerned daughter who just noticed a warning on her favorite blanket that mentioned something about the seriously punishable offense of tag removal. She noticed after she tore it off and was afraid she may have been in trouble… (Maybe we should save our warnings for more serious offenses?)

“Where is Mowdagrass?” – Josiah asked me where I was going as I put my shoes on yesterday. “To mow the grass” was my reply. Location, location, location! When I told him “the backyard” the light bulb came on.
Getting ready for a marathon?” – A lady in the yard with her dog asked me this when I went for a run last night. At first I thought proudly, “Yes… yes I am.” I quickly realized I was only a mile into my run, and I shouldn’t look so tired so soon. “Got a long way to go for that.” was the only reply I could manage.

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