Hitting High Gear

Tons of stuff going on in the next few weeks. If there’s a ‘busy season’ in youth ministry this is mine! (Actually there are 4 busy seasons in youth ministry, each about 13 weeks long with a 7 second break in between.)

Next week, I’ll be leading worship for high school camp, so this week I’m getting the last few things ready for that – actually had some fun practicing this morning with everything but a bass player. Looking forward to the week.
We’ll get home Friday and get to see some great friends and family that weekend. I’m really looking forward to them being here because we really haven’t gotten together for a long time. Just wish I could be here the whole time they’re here.
I’ll turn around on Sunday and head back to camp for Jr. High week. I’m teaching a class that week, so I still have some stuff to prepare for that, too!
Following those two weeks, I’ll send my daughter off to her own week of camp, and spend that week and the next pulling together the last few strings of the most exciting effort we’ve had to date in the youth ministry here. After HeavenFest on August 8th, we’re embarking on an adventure called coldwater. You may have read about it here already, but basically we’re taking a mission trip with no agenda. We don’t know where we’re going. We don’t know what we’re doing. We are begging God to lead us to the poeple and communities that He needs us to be in. I’m more excited about this trip than anything we’ve done in the last few years!
You might think that a trip like this would require little planning, but you would be wrong. I’m definitely feeling the crunch right now – to be ready for… anything.

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  1. Whoo! Let the fun begin! You guys are going to Heavenfest! Thats cool. I’m trying to get a group together to go as well. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks though, should be great!

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