A Moment Away

There is a moment that lies just ahead of you, out of reach for now, but coming sooner than you may think. It’s a big moment, full of the unknown and possibility and potential. It’s huge. It’s intimidating. But don’t be afraid… Our Creator is already there. He is ready to meet you in that moment and be everything you need of Him. In fact, He’s been moving Heaven and Earth to prepare that moment for you – and you for that moment.

You may not be ready now, but He is. You may not have the proper training or the right credentials and experience. You may not think you’re up for the challenge of the moment, but He is – and He can make you able to thrive in that moment, so that you give the world a glimpse of His greatness. Maybe that’s just what the moment is for – showing your neighbors and friends and family what God is like and what He is able to accomplish.

Because they know you. They’ve seen the moments where you’ve fallen short or hidden away before. They’ve seen other moments get the best of you. But this time, you’re not on your own. This time, you aren’t limited to your own resources to figure this moment out. You can trust Him to open up His vault and dig deep to provide everything you need.

No one else can meet this moment for you. There are multitudes who will meet it with you, though. We can’t take your place but we can certainly walk with you shoulder to shoulder. That’s why He’s put us together ~ brought us into one another’s lives. He’s crafted this whole thing from the beginning and now, your moment is an invitation to join Him in what He’s making!

The moment lingers…

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