Stuck With a Story?

I recently read Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller’s book, Mind Your Mindset and came across a great thought. I’ve talked a lot with people about believing better stories about themselves and their circumstances than the ones they’ve been handed and this really resonated. You don’t have to continue to believe about your self all the things you’ve previously believed about your self.

I grew up thinking of myself as the small kid in the back of the room with a lot to say, but without a shred of the self confidence necessary to say it. Today, I stand in the front of the room a lot and say a lot of what I have to say (maybe too much!) to the people gathered – because my story was challenged by incredible friends and mentors. I learned that it wasn’t really confidence in my self that was missing, but confidence in God and His “assignment” for me. As my faith grew, I found myself believing different stories instead of conforming to the ones I’d told myself for years.

“No one will listen anyway…” was replaced with “You can faithfully say what I want you to say and I will take care of the results.”

“You might get it wrong and that would be the end – no one will ever trust you again…” was replaced with “You will get it wrong sometimes… Learn from it and let others learn from your mistakes.”

“I’m not really sure…” was replaced with “I Am… Trust me and say it.”

The narrator in my head meant well, but he was wrong. As I’ve soaked in the Word of God and learned to listen to Him more intently, my mind has been remade and my mindset has shifted into a gear that makes room for Him to move and work and bring people’s attention to Him.

How are the stories you’re telling yourself lately? Are they still true? What would it look like to sit down with God for a re-write?

Maybe check out one of these books to spark some ideas…

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