Light The Dark

A couple months ago, I came across Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark and was reminded how much I’ve appreciated his songwriting. It was a great look into what lies behind his writing that I enjoyed so much that I hadn’t even finished the book before I picked up a few copies for some people I know whose creativity has been a constant blessing in my own life and many others’.

Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making

I also checked out The Wingfeather Saga, which starts with On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and his Rabbit Room community, and I listened again to the songs I first heard in my college days. Then I came across this newer song of his, and it’s been resonating ever since:

As our world seems to slide into a collective panic, this has been a great reminder for me during this Easter week that there is one who is greater than the source of that fear. He is worthy of every shred of devotion I can find within my soul and every ounce of effort I can muster to give. He is whole, and He is King, and He would make Himself known.

Rest in Him today, friend. Soak in His light and go and share it in the dark places that threaten right now to smother those you and He love. He does indeed intend to dwell again with us.

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