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Our student ministry is going to use a book called CORE 52 from Mark Moore this year as a roadmap for our teaching times. I’m excited to see our students not just get a better understanding of the big picture of the Bible, but to actually get a handle on how to understand the Bible when they read it for themselves.

Too many times, we settle for a spoon fed version of God’s Word. “The preacher says…” But I don’t think that’s enough. I say that as someone who’s spent a lot of my life teaching people what’s in the Bible. I don’t want my students to settle for what I say ~ they need to discover Scripture for themselves as well.

If there’s one thing that I’ve consistently desired for my students over the years, it’s that they go beyond just scratching the surface of the Bible with an occasional Bible story or memory verse. I want them to dig into it regularly and seek understanding. Ironically, one of the obstacles to that is a lack of understanding.

A kid might crack open the Bible and read a passage and think about it a little bit, until they come to something that doesn’t quite make sense. It’s easy to start to glaze over a section or two and lose the plot, but then it becomes that much more difficult to catch back on to what’s going on in that Scripture. So they close the book and set it aside until next time. It’s a sad cycle that leaves us ignorant of many truths that God wants us to know.

It’s ok to be ignorant of some things for some time. It’s not ok to stay that way. I’m looking forward to helping our students get some handles that they can grab hold of to help them understand all of the Bible better.

If you want to follow along, hit up the links here and enjoy the journey. You can also learn more about the book and additional resources at

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