The Inadequacy of My Words

“I have a lot of words… but none of them are adequate.”

In the face of one of the most impressive and inspiring places I’ve been, this was all I could say – other than such erudite expressions as “Whoah…” “That’s insane/unreal/crazy…” & “Holy Crap!” (Sorry moms.)

This doesn’t even begin to reveal what we saw.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, LuAnn and I headed to the coast of Northern California to spend some time in the redwood forests there. With a minimal plan, and even less of an agenda, we packed the van and hit the road. It was awesome, in every sense of the word.

There is no way a post on my blog can capture and explain either the 25 years of marriage, or the experience of the coastal redwoods, but it was a great trip. Inspiration was everywhere, and for me, that means… words. (And even the lack thereof!)

There was so much going on in my heart and mind over the 2 weeks of this trip, not to mention what the miles on the road and on hiking trails and van camping were doing to my body, that I feel at risk of dumping so much information that no one will want to wade through with me. To be honest, I’m still processing some of the experience and I don’t have the nice, tidy finished product to present yet, but this post will serve as a “fair warning” post. Over the next couple weeks if time allows, I’m hoping to post much more frequently than has been normal here lately as I unpack some of the incredible moments and thoughts.

Hope you’re up for the trip. I’ll try not to overshare (haha!), but you’re probably going to want to buckle up…

Foreground: 6 foot wide fallen tree that was cut to clear the path.
Center: My best friend, who was crazy enough to marry some little boy with “a minimal plan and even less of an agenda” 25 years ago!
Background: Not a cliff. That is another FALLEN TREE, people. Seriously… these things were amazing!

“This is insane!”

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