43 Things I Think

Several years, on my birthday, I’ve posted a series of quick, slightly filtered thoughts. Not a lot of explanation, not the usual amount of backstory, just quick jabs at some of the random thoughts that have been cramming my skull lately. So… here are 43.

  1. College is really crazy expensive these days!
  2. We do too many things culturally that pile on a lot of unnecessary stress and fear onto our kids. We should stop doing those things.
  3. We also do a lot of things to stop our kids from failing before they have a chance to learn from their failures. We should do better at building environments where they know it’s safe to fail.
  4. Cost of health insurance is even more insanely out of control than college. So much for the whole “if you like your policy, you can keep it” thing.
  5. My family has been forced to change policies every year since ACA was rolled out – usually because the policy we had was no longer offered by the company (once because the previous company failed entirely).
  6. I don’t understand how people can advocate for more government control of more areas of our daily lives. They must live in very different lives than I do.
  7. There are problems in our country and in the rest of the world for which there are no political solutions.
  8. Anyone who believes the Republican party or the Democrat party have their best interests at heart is ignoring a LOT of data suggesting otherwise. When every season is campaigning season, you know the train has been off the rails for a while now.
  9. Jesus is the hope of the world. There is no border problem, drug problem, war problem, poverty problem, or crime problem that cannot be solved by power of the resurrected King to remove our sin and restore us to the relationship we’re all made for.
  10. Too many people who consider themselves “His people” live lives that only dimly reflect His values.
  11. Too many days in my own life have been spent without fully illuminating those values, too.
  12. Selling a book I wrote has been more of a problem for me than writing it was. People that have bought it have loved it, though.
  13. I have ideas for follow up journals, excitement at potential impact, and doubts and discouragement about actually getting the books into the hands of people who need them. I’m conflicted like that often.
  14. One of my favorite reads of this year was The Last Arrow from Erwin McManus (so much that I’ve read it twice). You should read it, too!
  15. If you buy a book from the links I provide in my posts (like those last couple or the few at the end of this post), I get a small percentage from Amazon for referring you to them. Thanks!
  16. If you’re in any kind of church leadership, I highly recommend An Unstoppable Force (also from Erwin McManus).
  17. I like hypothetical situations. A LOT.
  18. “Why?” and “What if…” are usually attached somewhere to my favorite questions and discussions.
  19. My grandparents celebrated their 68th Anniversary yesterday! That’s awesome and I’m so glad I’ve been surrounded by older family members throughout my life who show me how to value my marriage enough to never give up.
  20. I’ve only been married 24 years, but feel like it’s been a pretty good start!
  21. If I live to be 86 (twice my current age) we’ll still be 1 year short of where my grandparents are at now.
  22. I will not be writing an “86 Things I Think” post on that day! 43 is already longer than most people will read anyway, right?
  23. One of my sons has memorized pi to almost 300 digits.
  24. I am not making that up.
  25. When he declared that he was at 288 last week, I wondered out loud, “How?” His big sister blurted out, “WHY?” Both questions are equally valid.
  26. He challenged me, and I could accurately recall 5 digits right away. “I have no valid reason to store that information anymore.”
  27. He just might.
  28. The last few Broncos games have been fun to watch. I don’t understand people that talk about them tanking the season for a better draft pick. I suspect those people just don’t understand the concept of competition.
  29. I replaced a hard drive for the first time this year. It’s not that difficult (when the old one is still semi-functional at least).
  30. Word count for this post just crossed 700. I should probably not do these posts anymore.
  31. I am very proud of my 4 kids. Each of them resonates to their own unique frequency that make quite a song out of our family.
  32. Despite the recent failure of the USMNT to qualify for the World Cup, I see a lot to look forward to in American soccer. Excited to see who they hire to coach – and a little bewildered at why it’s take SO LONG…
  33. Why do we fans think we can play better than the players, coach better than the coaches, and manage better than the managers? We’re not really that delusional are we?
  34. Are we?
  35. I love the church. Not just the church where I serve, but the church in general. There is nothing like it in all the world, existing throughout the world, extending over borders and beyond race and breaking down walls that keep us separated from each other and from God.
  36. It’s no use pretending that the church (or that I) always get everything right. But dang is it beautiful when we try!
  37. I’ve read a lot more fiction this year than I usually do. 7 out of 31 books so far (with #8 in progress). It’s been good to join someone else’s imagination and not just be stuck in my own!
  38. 3 biographies (Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Red Cloud if you’re asking) have made their way into my reading recently as well.
  39. Hitchens’ Mortality is pretty biographical as well, so maybe count that as 4.
  40. I don’t recommend every book that I read.
  41. I have a college student, 2 high schoolers, and a middle schooler… If I seem a little stretched and crazy from time to time, let’s chalk it up to that!
  42. In Acts 4, Luke quoted Peter (who was talking about Jesus) saying, “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” He was talking to people who thought they already had all the answers, but were so very wrong. They were amazed at how the apostles spoke in their own defense – they thought these guys were a bunch of idiots.
  43. The world is still in need of such idiots – unschooled, ordinary people who are fully given to the cause of Christ, to rescue and redeem what has been taken from Him by the sin that has caused so much damage in our world. I won’t say this often, but… let’s go be idiots like that.

BONUS: Links to some books mentioned above:

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