See To It Yourself

“See to it yourself.”

What a liberating, empowering phrase! Except when it’s not…

This phrase jumped out at me the other day from two different places as I was reading through Matthew’s account of Jesus’ final hours. From the mouths of the chief priests and elders and then later from Pilate, these words were not used to empower some young follower who was unsure of himself. They weren’t used to bolster someone’s confidence that they had what it takes to accomplish some task. They were used to shirk responsibility and pass the blame.

“Hey we don’t care if you’re feeling guilty now, Judas. That’s your problem…”

“I’m washing my hands of this whole thing. He’s your problem, now…”

“See to it yourself… that’s not our problem.”

This sentiment strikes me as way too common today. See if you’ve noticed any of these, lately:

Car stuck in the ditch? Glad it’s not mine…

Neighbors grass out of hand? They really should take care of that…

A family with too many mouths to feed? Should’ve thought of that before they had kids…

Problems at the border? Not my problem, I live far away…

There are a thousands of problem in the world today that we did not create. They’re really not our obligations, and maybe no one would fault us if we shrug our shoulders and leave it to someone else.

But what if we “see to it yourself”? What if we take responsibility to help, even though the problem is not our fault to begin with?  What if we stop washing our hands of the sticky situations our neighbors find themselves in and reach out to help them?

Maybe what Jesus meant when he said to love our neighbors was “Do what I did when I left my Father’s side to enter into (and get you out of) this mess that you created. The world needs a church that will do this – that will continue to incarnate the Word of God so that they can see the Heart of God. Let’s be that church.

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