Imminent Crash Update

When I first started blogging, it was a little awkward to even say I had this thing called a BLOG. Like I was trying to get internet famous or jumping on to some cool new bandwagon or something. But I had hopes of sharing some thoughts, helping people in their journey to find God and grow close to Him, and encouraging people to chase after Him in every way they could. While my blog hasn’t ever hung out with the other cool blogs in the top 10 worlds of words, it’s been an interesting way to launch some conversations with people I’d never have had contact with otherwise.

Over time, I wanted to focus on how the church could fully engage all of its potential in the mission of Christ, so I changed platforms, bought this address, and relaunched what I hoped would be a little more focused and effective site working to “unleash the potential of the church…” I love the name for a group of rhinos and the picture that paints for me of what the church could be, so I incorporated that thought into the blog. A CRASH. Rhinos are very large, deceptively fast, and their eyesight is pretty shabby. So when they move forward together, whatever is in the way better be on the move or it will get trampled.

We are called to overcome the gates of hell. We don’t always see how that’s going to happen very well, but we are called to chase after Jesus faithfully and let Him sort it out. Kind of like a bunch of charging rhinos. Just go where He says and watch Him move the gates of hell that threaten to keep people from Him.

There have been times when I was posting pretty much every day, and others (like recently) when posts were very infrequent. I’ve noticed recently that I can get into this introspective mode where I crawl into a shell and keep my pre-sorted thoughts to myself. It seems like a wise approach, keeping people safe from the rough edges (and keeping me from embarrassing myself?)… but I’m realizing that keeping all the thoughts inside my head until they’re tame enough to be safe is a great way to neuter them of their capacity to inspire and nudge your potential (and mine).

That has to change.

I’m not promising a post per day, but I’m attempting to ratchet down the filters and curb the buffers a little bit. It won’t really be safe… but who said it’s supposed to be?

The original banner at my first blog.

NOTE: After a recent discouraging hack that made a huge mess of this whole place, I still have some rebuilding to do. Some content has been corrupted or lost and I’m still digging through the rubble to see what else is salvageable. I’ll be re-packaging some older posts as well as new ones, so let me know which posts from the past have been your favorites in the comments section of this post, the form below, or via the contact page and they may be the first to get retrofitted! Also, please let me know if you see anything out of order, like missing pictures, broken links, etc. Thanks!

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