Need Some Silence?

One final quote from Gordon MacDonald’s Ordering Your Private World that I think reveals a hinge that supports a great transition in our personal lives:

“Few of us can truly appreciate the terrible conspiracy of noise there is about us, noise that denies us the silence and solitude we need…”

Think about your last hour. What have you heard? A fan blowing… Traffic… Garage door opener struggling to get the job done… Radio guy talking… Ads at the gas station pump… Conversations… Netflix from several different rooms in the house at the same time… Sirens… Music… Doors…

Our world is not a quiet one, is it? And so much of what we hear in an almost constant buzz is just noise, adding no shred of order to the clutter of our private world. (Do we really need ads while we stand outside and pump our gas?)

All that noise takes up some bandwidth in our lives. It often out-shouts the still small voice telling us who we really are.

I don’t want to add to the noise. I just want to echo His voice.

“Be still… and know that He is God.”

And, you are His.

You are loved.

Find some quiet. Ruthlessly carve out some space in your life for it. Then listen.



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