When Tassels Turn…

My oldest child has graduated.

The tassel’s been turned. The diploma’s in hand. The thank you cards are being written. And even the leftover reception cupcakes are almost gone.

Despite her usual distaste for change, the upcoming years in the worship arts program at Nebraska Christian College have her pretty excited. She’s ready to fly, and we’re ready to pretend we’re ok with pushing her out of the nest. It’s been a very strange mix of anticipation and last minute finishing touches around our house lately.

At the same time, our oldest son looks forward to solidifying his place on the math and soccer teams as a sophomore next year. He was conscripted into the math team this year after refusing to even peek through the window when club sign-up time came around last fall. He was a new freshman and pretty cautious about which steps he was willing to take. He did great though, and had a blast. He excitedly told me the other day about the summer math team schedule. Summer Math??? Yep. Summer Math.

My younger son is heading up to high school with more than a little trepidation, and my youngest daughter is loathe to exchange her 5th grade teacher for whichever ones she gets at the middle school next year. I’m sure they’ll both embrace the changes as well eventually, but it’s interesting how uniquely we all interact with change. I’m not sure how much is natural/personality and how much is life stage/maturity and how much is varying degrees of damage done by their dad!

It’s funny to me how I can look back and see how bravely I embraced change in the past (I graduated HS, got married, and moved 500 miles from anyone we knew within the span of about 40 days once upon a time) and also look ahead and sheepishly stare at changes that scare the ink right out of me. Maybe the difference is between change we choose and change that’s forced upon us…

But we can’t stay in 5th Grade forever.

What change is coming down the road for you?

How are you preparing?

How can I help?

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