Is Your Church Designed to Lead?

The Christian faith has continued to advance because the Lord has continually raised up new leaders to disciple others. The Kingdom of God has continually advanced because God’s people have been developed and deployed to make disciples. The spreading of the faith is going to continue until people from every tribe, tongue, and nation are His. By His grace, He has invited us to join Him.

– Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck, Designed to Lead

In Designed to Lead, Geiger and Peck make a strong case for the church being the place God intends for leaders to be developed. Not just church leaders, but leaders in every culture and industry and strata of life, should be able to find development in and through the church. The quote above sums up just why this is so critical.

God is on a mission. He is renewing all things ~ and we have been invited to join Him in what He is accomplishing, but it doesn’t just happen on accident. He works through His people as we continue to put ourselves in environments where He stretches and transforms us. He works as His people continue to walk people through processes that turn guests into friends, friends into family, and family into partners. He works as we each take seriously his charge to make disciples.

What’s your next step in the process? What can you be doing to engage someone close to you in our mission to proclaim Christ as Lord? How are you being developed AND deployed on His mission to make disciples?

If you’re a church leader, I’d invite you to check the book out for yourself and begin to put a plan into place to develop leaders consistently and intentionally.

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