Hope Tested

So… yesterday I wrote this post about hope and responding to the darkness we encounter in life’s circumstances. Sometimes, it’s funny how life pushes back when you make a statement. Sometimes… it just hurts.

I went home and discovered that my basement was striving for swimming pool status once again. As I was writing words about hope in the darkness, brand new carpet was taking on water in the basement. In the very room that we’d done so much work to mitigate the possibility of flooding. In the very room that my 17 year old was so looking forward to having her own space for the first time in 15 years. In the very room in which we’d put down carpet THREE DAYS AGO! So now, the carpet is piled up with fans furiously attempting to push the moisture out into the air where it belongs (or at least SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN MY BASEMENT!).

And now I’m in a position to either live with the hope I claim to have that “God works everything out for the good of those that love Him” and reveal Him to be Lord, or light a match and reveal myself to be the fraud that I sometimes suspect I am.

I’m all out of matches, so here are a few observations:

  • There is a tiny fraction of humanity throughout history that would even have the chance to be upset by wet carpet. It’s an incredible time/place to be alive.
  • We have been so ridiculously blessed that it’s easy to forget that the best is yet to come. I have another place being prepared for me by the Maker of everything. You can bet its basement won’t flood!
  • My basement doesn’t really matter. The room can sit empty. My daughters can keep sharing a room upstairs until we can figure something else out. They’ll be fine. We still have everything we really need. Maybe this is just a reminder of what that really is.

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