Back in Balance

Whoever let me forget how much better I feel when I’ve been running (semi)regularly… Please don’t let me forget again.

It’s not a lot, but I’ve run more miles this first 2 months of 2017 than I have in the past several years. That says a lot more about the last few years than about the last couple months. I didn’t have to choose to stop running. I just took a little time to recover from a particularly long run once… got busy… missed a few too many days because of bad weather… then found that I hadn’t run in way too long. But getting back into the practice of running has helped me get some physical things back in balance. I’ve trimmed a couple pounds, my lungs feel better, I’m sleeping less fitfully, and I generally just feel better. Running helps me clear the clutter in my head and is a time of prayer for me to refocus and remember Who my life is really about. Which brings me to this…

Our spiritual lives can get out of balance through unplanned inactivity, too.

An easy stretch of life lulls us into thinking that we’re doing well. We forget how dependent we really are on God as we get caught up in our own little day to day. We stop noticing God at work around us. Soon, we realize, we haven’t really noticed Him at all lately or given Him much thought… in way too long.

Maybe running isn’t your thing – and that’s fine. This isn’t really about running. It’s about paying attention to your spiritual life – your real life.

How are you doing?

Is it time to get back into the practices of life that help you grow?

Don’t let unplanned inactivity wreck your spiritual life.

Let me offer a few suggestions:

  • Read Scripture. Often. Carve out time and listen to what He says in His Word.
  • Get outside. For some of us, being in contact with creation helps us get in touch with our Creator.
  • Make something. The Spirit He’s placed in us is His creative Spirit. Exercise it. Make something beautiful and new.
  • Read. Check out something from the library. Head to a bookstore. Or start with something off the list below. Just find some good words to make you think…


Or maybe you just need some of these:

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