Into the Mist

I’ve been re-reading An Unstoppable ForceIt’s a wonderfully dangerous book and one of my favorites for 15 years! This line stuck out to me again this morning:

Sometimes, I forget this and think I have to have all the answers pulled together before I can invite someone into the question. But following Jesus and leading the church God’s way often means I only get to see the next step. Sometimes not even that! Sometimes I have to take the step God’s telling me to take before I can even see where my foot will fall.

It’s a little unnerving to be honest. It requires something to be developed within me that allows me to overcome the logic that says “stay put in the safety of what you already know…” It requires something to grow in me to break me free from the gravity of the solid and tangible… It requires a confidence in what I can’t see and a certainty in what I hope…

It requires faith.

And so, I step into the mist. Not because I’m brave or possess abnormal levels of courage. Not because I’m a super-spiritual answer man. Not because I know everything will turn up roses and sunshine. But because He stepped forward and I want to stay with Him. He is on the move and I want to keep with Him. So I step into the mist.

Want to go for a walk?

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