Political Fear Vs. Faith

I mostly stay out of political issues (at least the ones that are purely political). I’ve rarely seen any fruit grow out of the rare occasion that I have entered into political debates of some sort. This may be the source of my current dilemma:

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the two major parties have provided us with the two current candidates. How did the States of America become so disUnited that Clinton and Trump are even in a conversation about the Presidential office? Of the millions of individuals who could potentially run for President, how did these two emerge as the final options?

Obviously, I don’t know either of them personally. Neither do you, so let’s not pretend… But based on track record and what gets reported (which is getting very difficult to accurately weigh these days), how does anyone of any party have any hope that either of them will be good for our country? Between the mountains of litigation and investigation, along the trails that run from Benghazi to Watergate to imminent domain disputes and unpaid invoices for shoddy work, what exactly have these people done to make us think the job of President is a good fit? Do they even actually understand what the job of the President is? Do we? I have friends on the left and on the right who are terrified that “the other” is going to become President and destroy our country.

Honestly, I have little to no hope that the next president of our country will do much to strengthen our Union… But I’m ok. I’m not losing sleep about this. (We’ve survived bad presidents and their idiotic policies before, right?)

I can sleep at night because my hope is not in a President. No president will solve the issues that are threatening our nation. No president will bridge the fissures in our society that seem to grow at an alarming rate. No president can fix what is broken in humanity. Only Jesus can do that.

And so I hope. I pray. I imitate Him and love people that don’t deserve it (like others have done for me when I don’t deserve it). I follow Him and seek to reconcile everything I can to Him. And I’m calling the church to stop being afraid. If I have ever had any kind of spiritual influence with or impact on you, I’m asking you to take a deep breath, remember who He is, and stop spreading fear. Pray that God would fill you with the courage of real faith that has allowed His people to change the world for thousands of years. Pray that God would move in His church to heal the brokenness in our nation. Pray that He would move in His church to show people that they matter because they’re made in His image. Then, go introduce your neighbor to Someone who can actually change the heart of a man and build a better culture out of him. Go a little further and show your city what a difference God is making in your own life. Put your faith to work and let Him love people through you so deeply that they can stop being afraid, too.

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