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Hi. It’s been a while… Sorry for that. Circumstances have caused a great deal of self editing as I’ve been wrestling with them. But life continues to happen, and I’ve been working on a new project that I’m going to need some help with. I hate to ask after not sharing anything here for a couple months, but I have to. For years, friends and family have encouraged me to write a book. Several of you who read this blog regularly have been the most vocal in your support. Now is the time that I’m hoping that support will translate into the funds needed to get this project off the ground.

I have a guided journal that I’ve used a few times with groups of students that has been helpful to them in developing a deeper life of prayer and I want to make it available to a wider audience. I’ve expanded it a bit and added some elements to help spark the journalers thinking about prayer. But it will cost a little more than I can cover to get this published in the right format, so I’ve started a Kickstarter to help with part of the upfront costs.

So much of our life grows out of who we think we are.

Who we think we are should be informed by our communication with the One who made us and knows us better than we know ourselves.

You are who God says you are.

But how do you know who God says you are? Can you learn to listen to that ‘still, small voice’? This project will help people look into what the Biblical writers thought about prayer and just how they conversed with God, and also guide readers/journalers in some creative steps into that conversation as well.

Check out the funding page if you’d like to help give this bird wings.

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