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For most of us, actual access to the Bible is not the problem. Unless we’re living in an area of the world where Scripture is restricted or prohibited, we can pick one up from our shelves or open the Bible app on our phones any time. The problem is, we don’t.

Devotion, Bible, EncounterIf our job as His church is to join God in the work He’s doing to make disciples, work that “He’s prepared for us to do,” we need to be able to recognize what He’s doing. Scripture is crucial to understanding the heart of God. When we learn to recognize what He’s doing in Scripture, we train our ‘spiritual eyes’ to see what He’s doing in the world around us. We gain a sensitivity to His Voice when we dig into His Word and allow it to transform our minds.

  1. Get a translation of the Bible that you can read and understand. If you need large print, get large print. If you like the way one translation flows more naturally than another, read the one you understand without a lot of extra deciphering. Having a Bible that you can understand makes it that much more likely that you’ll actually read it.
  2. Find a way of reading that works. Some people like to wake up before God does and read the Bible early. Some of us are a little slower to gain consciousness so it’s better to wait until later in the day! It’s good to read through whole books or sections in a short period of time, but sometimes, we need to stop and chew on just a verse or phrase for a while.
  3. Read with a plan. YouVersion has some great long term and short term plans to follow.
  4. Share what you’re learning. When God brings something to your attention, find a friend or mentor to talk with about it. Learn together. Teach someone else what you’ve learned.
  5. Don’t just read it ~ do what it says. Spending much time with Scripture will result in revealing patterns in your life that need changed. When they’re exposed… change them.

This is an area where the access we need has never been better.

Let’s take advantage of it.

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