Will This Be On The Test? #LentChallenge

Do you remember that kid in class who was always asking “Will this be on the test?”

Look, teacher, I know you think this is all important, but I’m only in this class because I have to be, so I’m not really interested in anything beyond what it takes to get a passing grade, so…

I’m pretty sure this is what teachers actually hear when that question is asked. Maybe I’m embellishing a little. I don’t give tests, so what do I know!

A first century doctor named Luke wrote about a lawyer once, who was listening to Jesus teach. This law expert put a little bit of a spin on the above question. He wanted to know “What do I have to do to get eternal life?” Whoah, talk about ‘cut to the chase’ ~ This is the Big Test. Jesus, what do I have to know? Now, according to the law in which he was already an expert, this was already spelled out, so Jesus tells him to check his class notes and answer his own question. “It’s all on the test, so sit down, shut up, and take good notes.” (Ok, that’s not exactly how Jesus put it, but he did embarrass the questioner enough that the guy felt like he had to save face with another question about who his neighbor was.)

Imagine you’re a teacher, pouring your heart into the students in your class, and constantly being asked this question. How frustrating would that be?! But I wonder if we’re still bugging Jesus with the same question. He’s setting before us a rich and fulfilling life of meaning, a place at His table in His family, a position in His Kingdom endeavors. Are we missing out on a lot of that because we just keep asking what’s on the final exam? What about the day to day ‘homework’ of loving our neighbors? What about the special projects and works of art He could be creating with our lives today?

As we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, what if we set aside our thoughts about “the final” for a minute and re-examine Jesus’ way of living all of life? Is our way of living helping our neighbor see His way of living? Is there anything in my life today that suggests Jesus’ resurrection to my neighbor? I’m not suggesting that eternity isn’t important. The very concept of the resurrection is meaningless without eternity in view. I just don’t want us to annoy Jesus by ignoring what He’s taught us about how to live here and now so that we can cram for the final and hopefully squeak out a passing grade…

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    1. It was always a pet peeve of mine when I was in class. Reading through the gospels so close together over the last couple weeks made me realize how often Jesus was dealing with questions like this from people who just didn’t get it. It must have been so annoying, yet His grace kept inviting them in to deeper understanding. Just like it still does!

      Thanks for the Lent Challenge. It’s opening a lot of great discussions as God works through Scripture.

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