A Manifesto of Humility

I will not try to run my own life or the lives of others; that is God’s business, I will not pretend to invent the meaning of the universe; I will accept what God has shown its meaning to be; I will not strut about demanding that I be treated as the center of my family or my neighborhood or my work, but seek to discover where I fit and do what I am good at.

-Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience In the Same Direction

I remember a time when I “found where I fit”. I remember improvising my way through a dance of chaos and discovering that’s what I was good at. (The improvising, not the dancing!) Loaded down with far more than I could bear, I just kept dancing anyway, following God’s lead and listening as He counted out each step in time. I wasn’t qualified and didn’t have the experience necessary for the undertaking, yet His music didn’t stop, so neither did I. I wasn’t running anything, though some thought I was in charge. And though often thanked for my words, I didn’t actually add an ounce of meaning to any of them or to the many other swirling eddies of activity.

But from that chaos, God drew out a vibrant family. He shaped a life bringing force that revealed His intended meaning and still shows that meaning to all who will stop to notice. His gravity pulled us into orbit and order as He became the center of everything in our lives. Things began to make sense that before had made little.

Have you found your fit? Have you discovered what it is that you’re really good at? Remember, it’s not really about you – but about revealing God in a world that doesn’t notice Him. He is the center, not us. Our pride can easily draw us away from this truth. He has not given us agency for the bolstering of our own egos, but for the purpose of drawing men and women near to His heart. You have been made to be great at something so that you can display His greatness at work in you.

May our hearts always embrace the humility we need in order to make sure we’re always keeping the right One on display.

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