ICOM Reflections – Are You A Missionary?

[Originally written for our upcoming church newsletter, but thought I’d pass it along here as well.]

When I first started talking about going to the International Conference on Missions a while ago, many of you didn’t give it a second thought because you don’t consider yourself a missionary. I wan’t to beg you for a couple moments to reconsider that premise. It’s too late for you to go to the conference this year. But it’s not too late for you to learn to be the missionary He wants you to be. If you are not carrying out His mission, then what is your life all about? Who is really at the center of your universe?

Are you a missionary?
Are you a missionary?

“You hold the hope of the world in your hands. But what are you doing with it?”

This challenge kept coming to mind last weekend at ICOM in Kansas City. I had a great time catching up with friends from far away ministries and meeting new people from all over the planet. It was a blast to guide our group of students in getting a clearer picture of what God is doing in the world today (and even show them some creative escalator technique). But in addition to all that, I was challenged with this thought:

“You hold the hope of the world in your hands.”

There is so much that is wrong in the world today. So much brokenness in lives and cultures in every corner of the globe. Guess what, Church? We have the solution! We hold in our hands the power to rescue victims of sex trafficking and slavery, prisoners of alcoholism and abuse, and even perpetrators of violence and oppression. We hold the keys to forgiveness of sin, re-creation, and new life.

His name is Jesus, and He has the power to tear down every gate Hell can put up to keep people from Him. We call Him the Christ who came to seek and save the lost. We call Him Lord, and He has sent us into the world as His ambassadors to plea with people to be reconciled to His Father.

“You hold the hope of the world in your hands.”

He can do so much more with our feeble efforts than we think. Immeasurably More. Too often, we feel overwhelmed and unable to really help, so we shrink back and convince ourselves that someone more talented, or better educated, or more connected will do it. But His power is exercised when, even in our weakness, we move to make a difference.  Don’t keep Him to yourself. Make Him known in your neighborhood and home and workplace. Be a missionary where you live and watch where you live become captivated by the love and mission of Him who can do immeasurably more than we can even ask or imagine!

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