A Strategy For Changing The World


Here’s our strategy. We have no money, no clout, no status, no buildings, no soldiers – things are going exactly to plan. We will tell them all that they are on the wrong track: the Roman money and power elite; the revolters; the withdrawers; the collaborators.

When they hate us – and a lot of them will – when they call us names and throw us in prison, even kill some of us, we won’t fight back, we won’t run away, and we won’t give in. We will just keep loving them. We will just keep inviting them to join our side. That’s my strategy. What do you think?

-John Ortberg in Who Is This Man?

If someone wanted to make an impact on their world, this doesn’t sound like a very solid approach. It sounds more like someone jumped into things without thinking it all the way through. It sounds more like someone is desperately trying to hold it together in denial of the obvious fact that it’s all falling apart. But this would pretty accurately portray just what Jesus did with His disciples.

And it changed everything.

The impact Jesus has made on this world cannot be overestimated. And He didn’t do it by schmoozing the power brokers or by growing a whole separate counter-culture on the outside or even by violently overthrowing the government. He did it with a consistent, selfless love for those who were not like Him.

And we can still make a difference today by doing the same. It doesn’t take great facilities or political influence… It doesn’t take being well connected to the right people or having high walls to keep us safe and untainted… It takes a willingness to love our neighbor and our enemy like Jesus.

Want to change the world? Go love someone.

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