When everyone says there’s no hope, keep hoping, because there is hope.

When you feel like throwing in the towel, step out for one more round. Maybe you’ll go down, but at least go down swinging so hard you’ll inspire the next guy to take your place.

When you’re about to give up because you’re afraid all your hard work and well laid plans won’t make a dent anyway, take one more crack at it.

Why bother?

Why keep spending so much of your self on something that might not work?

Because it might.

Because you’re closer to breaking through than you think.

Because we still serve a King who grabbed death by throat, threw it aside like a cheap, headless Barbie doll knockoff, then walked out of the grave!

And when it finally works out… when He works… Nothing can stop His life-giving momentum from reconciling and recreating and renewing everything we’ve been fighting against for so long.

Don’t stop.


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