Snow Day – Don’t Forget Your Own Kids

The kids had a snow day today, and the youngest three were begging to go sledding. Normally, begging in our house is a worse than worthless effort, but since this is basically the first time all winter sorry, Spring, that there’s been enough snow to sled on, after lunch I took them out to the hill where everybody sleds in town. For a few minutes, I thought about calling around and getting a bunch of my youth ministry kids together to meet us out there, but decided to just take my own brood for some undivided attention and fun with ice & gravity.

Just a quick reminder to fellow youth minsters out there: Don’t forget that your first youth group is the one that shares your address. There are times for the whole big group, but your kids need you to be mom or dad with just them, too – even more than your youth group needs you to be their youth pastor. It’s tempting to turn everything into a “ministry opportunity” especially when 90% of your congregation has an unexpected free day. But don’t miss too many opportunities with your own kids. You never get them back.

And just for the record, these ‘snow day’ moments are never frequent enough in my house. I’m no consistently shined & polished hero dad… but I was today.

Also, just to tarnish the image a little more, I was going to let my kids skip half a day of school to go sledding anyway. They’d have coped with it… (Don’t tell them though ~ they think I was making them go.)

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