Take the Next Step of Faith

A few of my students shared this song (Precipice) yesterday during the Easter service. It was a great morning celebrating Jesus’ defeat of death and being reminded of what that means for our lives. As they sang, I kept getting hooked on a couple lines… (This song is from The Classic Crime’s album Phoenix which is pretty awesome and which you can buy at that link. I don’t know if any of this is what Matt MacDonald had in mind as he wrote the song, but this is where my mind went as I listened – and where it keeps coming back to a day later.)

so I took a leap off of the precipice

Recently, I’ve been led to sort of stand on a hill and take a look back, to see what I’ve accomplished (much like the chorus of the song). What have my years added up to? My pride wants to direct my attention to a few things that look good on a resume, but the truth is that the sum total of my accomplishments is not that impressive. Don’t misunderstand: this isn’t a hyper-critical moment of beating up on myself (I have enough of those already). It’s just that… I’m a vapor. So the best I can do, the best any of us can do, is take the next leap of faith God leads us to. For Jesus, that meant a cup of suffering on our behalf and a leap into the grave. All the miracles, all the healing and teaching and loving and serving… it all led to the precipice of death for Jesus. If he failed to take that leap, all his other accomplishments would have meant nothing. But Jesus did take that leap and the world has never been the same. He allowed himself to be brutalized on our behalf, then He took the fight to Death, itself. And won!

Whatever the cost… whether it works out or not… I’ll follow you with my heart.

Anybody else tend to over-analyze? Have you ever felt paralyzed, wanting to know how a decision would turn out before taking a step? I can be guilty on both counts, but this line in the song was a great reminder of what we’re actually called to do with our lives. We’re called to trust our Maker with every breath and moment. The key to being able to look back at your steps and see the beauty and meaning and victory of it all is to take the next step He’s asking you to take – even if you don’t know it will work out. Then the important question isn’t “How much will this cost me?” or “Will it work out?” The results are left to Him to work out (and He will) and the cost is up to Him to cover (and He can)! The question, then, is “Which leap of faith will make my life a beacon that pulls people’s attention to Jesus?”

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