Forget What Can’t Be Done

A couple weeks ago, I found myself strapped into a chair that can’t fly with a buckle that can’t fly. The chair was bolted to a floor that can’t fly with bolts that can’t fly and was sitting inside a tube that can’t fly, either. This tube had wings that can’t fly and was under the command of a man who can’t fly and his team, who also… can’t fly. This vehicular amalgamation of non-flying parts was powered by the massive turbines of its jet engines. Guess what? Not a single piece of those engines can fly, either. Not a bolt, not a blade, not a single scrap of wire in that plane can fly by itself.

But there I sat, in my non-flying seat, pondering my life 35,000 feet above the ground – flying! It’s only as the pieces are put together in exactly the right way, that flight becomes possible for all those non-flying parts and passengers. While today’s passenger jets are a far cry from the flyers of Kitty Hawk, you still have to wonder “What was it that convinced a couple bike nuts in Ohio (the Wright brothers) that they could take a bunch of parts that can’t fly and assemble them in such a way that those parts would fly?”

Ok, maybe you don’t have to wonder… but I did. Even though no one could do it, the Wright brothers did. Even though everyone knew that humans could not be transported through the air like birds, they did it. In little increments at first, that were more like stretched out falling than flying, they did it.

In about the same era that the Wright brothers were widely proving flight was possible, another man set out to prove that cars could be affordable. As he gathered his team to figure how to make the impossible possible, he is credited with this great statement:

“I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.”

-Henry Ford

Do you know what can’t be done? Flying.

Mass produced affordable cars.

Travel to space.

Communication over great distances without wires.

The list of what can’t be done is long. And it’s full of lots of things that we do every day!


Lots of things can’t be done. Until someone determines that it must be done. Maybe today would be a good day to forget what can’t be done… and…

Forgive the one you can never forgive…

Return home…

Let go of the past…

Ask the question…

Plant the seeds that you just know will never grow…

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