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I love to read, but if I keep all that content to myself, it just clutters up my headspace, so please allow me to start your 2013 (or end your 2012 if you read this soon enough) with a few book suggestions. A lot of what I read over the last year may not be that interesting to many of you, but I really think these 4 books are great for everyone. Do yourself a favor and read these books to start your next year – or get them right away and knock out a couple over your holiday break if you’ve got one. (The links included are affiliate links, just as a reminder, which means if you click and buy through the links to Amazon, I’ll get a little bit of a referral commission. Thank you. Let’s start with the easiest to read and go from there.)

Love Does by Bob Goff – This was probably the the most whimsical non-fiction book I’ve ever read. There’s full, abundant life on display in the stories that Goff shares about being so full of love that fears are swallowed up in action. (If a list of 4 books seems too big to tackle, start with this one.)

Eats With Sinners by Arron Chambers – This is a great book about building relationships with people who are far from Christ in ways that help them take steps to get to know Him. It’s easy for us to become insulated in our church bubble and forget to reach out with the love of Jesus to those outside the church. (You can find more of my thoughts on this book in the post from earlier this year.)

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman – Jesus doesn’t need a cheering crowd of fans. He wants disciples. This book was a great reminder for me this year of the high stakes to which we are called. I really enjoyed going through it with a group of men that I get to be a part of each week. Jesus doesn’t just want parts of me, he wants ALL that I am. And he deserves nothing less.

Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley – Stanley shares some very practical ways the Bible gives us to overcome the anger, jealousy, greed, and guilt that so often plague us and wreck our hearts. If you struggle with keeping your emotions ‘under control’ this would be a great book to start helping you figure out why. Even if you don’t think you have a problem with these 4 corrosive factors in your life, I’d encourage you to read the book and help keep it that way!

Several of these books have a questions section that would make them great discussion material for your small group, family, or a couple of friends. Or maybe you want to start a book club and go through a couple of these. Take advantage of the accountability and depth that comes from reading through a book together. Feed your mind some good stuff in 2013 and become an even more effective worker in His Kingdom.

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