Visiting Revive In Bismarck, ND

Have you ever had a reason to go to North Dakota?

Evidently, a lot of people lately have found a reason to not only go there, but to move there. Recent oil developments and all the commerce that goes with that have led to an influx of people relocating to North Dakota.

As for me, I guess I never really had a reason to go there, which is why I’d never been to North Dakota… until this last weekend. So… check that off my list of states I haven’t visited yet. We found that Bismarck is booming, the hills are rolling, and ND is short (highest point is only slightly above 3500′). I loaded up into a van with 9 others from WestWay (which included our friend Lola, who loves North Dakota for just about every reason possible) to drive the 500 some miles from here to there to help out Revive Christian Church. It’s a new church that’s just started up in Bismarck and we went to help in whatever way we could. I knew I’d be leading worship, but we also ended up putting together office furniture and doing some roofing and helping with some set up and tear down stuff. The roofing went really slow (the old paper was put down with about 37 staples per square inch that had to be pulled out!), so we didn’t get as much done as we hoped, but that’s just the way it goes I guess. They were able to pull together some people to keep working on it Sunday afternoon, so it sounds like they’ll be finishing up in time to beat whatever weather may be on it’s way.

Revive visit
After a great morning & weekend with Revive Christian Church.

It was a little strange, trying to plan a worship time for a bunch of people I don’t know and who don’t know me. It was awkward trying to find music that would help people express their hearts to God without knowing those people. I was reminded that worship isn’t about me and what I know or about any particular group of people that are gathered and what they know – it’s about God. So we sang together about God and His love for us, and our mutual commitment to Him. But as strange as it was to choose music for strangers, can you imagine being led in worship each week by yet another stranger? There’s a connection between a worship pastor/leader and the congregation that they haven’t got to experience yet. As a new church, Revive is still searching for someone to lead worship in a more regular role.

Would you join me in praying for Revive’s permanent worship leader. Maybe that person’s already in Bismarck, maybe not… Maybe they’ve already been a part of a Revive service, maybe they haven’t heard of Revive yet… but right now, God is working in someone’s life to give them a reason to go to North Dakota, too. And pray for Revive, as they continue to seek to help people move closer to God.

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