See Shane Run. See Clean Water Run, Too.

Clean water is often something we take for granted here. We turn on the tap, open a bottle, heck, even turn on the garden hose for a drink, and we can expect the water to not kill us. But in much of the less developed world, kids are walking miles to get jugs of water from ponds and streams that are filled with parasites and other impurities that will do just that. This often leads to sicknesses that are compounded with other ailments, injuries that just don’t heal, & poor education because there’s no time for school.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Active Water BannerIn many places, the clean water is there, it’s just buried in the water table & the people have no means to draw it out. This is where ActiveWater has been able to step into partnerships with other organizations on the ground in Africa and Asia to BOTH to provide bio-filters to clean the water they do have AND to dig wells for communities that need them.

So isolated from this problem, most of us in our part of the world will do next to nothing to solve it. But what if we were different? What if we did something? One of my students will be running in the inaugural Monument Marathon in just a few weeks to raise awareness in our community of this issue that affects so many in other communities. He’s set a goal of raising $4000 in the next 3 weeks. This is a chance for the Imminent Crash Tribe to not just say we love the poor, but to actually do something to help them (check out 1 John 3:18). To offer a “cup of cold water” in the name of Jesus.

The most simple & secure way for you to help Shane in his fundraising efforts is to go to Shane’s page on ActiveWater’s website & donate there.

You can even leave Shane an encouraging message to keep him churning through the miles. Also, if you’re also running the Marathon, consider setting up your own page and make a team of it with Shane to share the fundraising goal with all your friends & family, too.

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