Leadership Lessons from Mt. Sherman – Enjoy the Journey

Some days suck.

You’ve had those days, I’ve had them, & the crabby guy at the coffee shop has had them. But they shouldn’t define the pattern of our lives. Our tendency, however, is often to accept that ‘life sucks’ mentality as normal and plod along from one day to the next, trudging through life from one obstacle to the next. Sometimes, we even sort of make martyrs of ourselves, accepting crappiness as inevitable and just letting it sit there stinking up the place (and making sure everyone within reach of our facebook status knows the crappiness we “have” to put up with). But wouldn’t we enjoy life a little more if we could just clean up the messes and keep moving forward?

2 young 14ers enjoying the journey!
Two of our younger hikers definitely enjoying themselves!

As we set off for the peak, I knew in the first couple hundred yards that the physical demands were going to take a toll. The footing was good at first, but we all got the feeling that as the slope led us higher, that would change. There were going to be some struggles, but the experience would be so much more meaningful if we’d make sure to not wallow in those struggles. Imagine trying to hike up the mountain with a rock in your shoe. You’re not going to enjoy that journey at all – doesn’t it make more sense to stop for a minute and take the rock out?

Your life is like that. You’ll have some crappy circumstances come up, over which you really have no control. But you do control your response. Don’t let the frustrations and difficulties of life get in the way of enjoying your life. It’s a journey that’s not just about getting to the end – enjoy it on the way. Gather your tribe of friends and family often to celebrate the milestones and to help each other get through the tough parts. Eat together and watch games together. Get together to just hang out once in a while. Stop and look back occasionally to see how far you’ve come.

Enjoy the journey.


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