Ready Or Not? Young Leadership Lessons from Joshua: His Presence

…but the young man who assisted him, Joshua son of Nun, stayed behind in the tent of meeting.

I wonder what Joshua overheard as Moses hung out in the tent and talked with his friend, God. What was it that caused Joshua to stick around after God and Moses were done talking? I suspect that whatever it was ended up being critical to Joshua’s future as the leader of his nation. In fact, I wonder if Joshua would have ever become the leader he was to be if he hadn’t fostered this desire to be where God was.

Joshua learned that being in God’s presence changes us. A leader’s capacity to lead well is determined by his relationship to God. It’s being in His presence that shapes us to reveal Him to the people around us. If we want to be ready to make disciples as Jesus intends, we have to be in His presence. What are you doing today to spend time with the Potter, letting Him shape you?

Check out Ex. 33 & 34 for a look into the importance of His presence to Moses & Joshua.


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