Quick Review: Spark from Jason Jaggard

I mentioned the book Spark by Jason Jaggard a couple weeks ago, in this post.

The book is now released and I just wanted to bring it up again, so you can go get it. It’s about how to “transform your world, one small risk at a time” and revolves around a couple questions:

  1. What is a small risk I can take this week to be a better person?
  2. What is a small risk I can take this week to make the world a better place?

Jaggard has started Spark Good to help people take these small risks, and Spark is the story of how Spark Groups have started and flourished – how they have transformed not just the world, but the very people willing to risk. Check out the site and consider getting a group together for the next 5 weeks to encourage each other to take some risks that matter. Read the book. Ask yourself those questions & take some risks this week.

It won’t be easy, because risk requires faith. You have to move forward in faith when you take risks. But the world needs you to “partner together with God and others to pull off something beautiful…”

How are you living by faith this week? How can I help?

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