Of Sleeping Giants…

I stand among giants, sleeping.

Adventure and defiance, safe keeping.

Good goes undone

Between battles not won,

While the world suffers violence, weeping.

-Jason Jaggard, in Spark

In reading an advance copy of Spark by Jason Jaggard, I came across a few lines that are still resonating deeply. The book released this week. It’s not only thought provoking, but action provoking. You should probably just go get it now, and begin a process of letting God lead you in living a life of faith. It’s a life with risk, sure, but it’s really living, not just existing.

So much potential in the church is untouched. Latent. Buried.

And the world suffers for our inability or unwillingness to face what we fear, be it failure or our own power and success. While we keep watchful eyes on our buried fortune and busy ourselves with measures that ensure the safe harbor of our potential deep within ourselves, the world grows colder and more indifferent to that for which they are starving. And yet, we slumber.

Wake up, sleeper,

Rise from the dead,

And Christ will shine on you.

– Paul, in Ephesians 5

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