Top Posts of July

July wasn’t a very busy month as far as posting goes, with two weeks of camp thrown into the mix. However, that didn’t stop you from viewing the new content that was posted and revisiting some older posts. The most viewed posts for this past month include a mix of both.

  1. Post Camp Wrap Up – Summary post after returning from camp.
  2. A Contrarian View of Independence – A slightly oppositional slant from the 4th of July.
  3. Hypothetically Church – Thinking about what does it really mean to be the church…
  4. One More Step – Cliff jumping reflections. Sometimes, you just have to take one more step.
  5. Imminent Crash – The inaugural post here.
One other development on the blog this month is that I’ve started up a Facebook page, hoping to broaden the community a little bit. You can ‘like’ the page through the widget in the sidebar here, or visit Imminent Crash on Facebook. Right now, it’s predominantly other youth leaders, teachers, friends, & family that I personally know, but as you share the page and join in the conversations that are starting, I’m seeing that expand and hoping it will continue to grow and engage the church with the upcoming generations.Thanks for reading and sharing here. I pray what you find will help you unleash the potential in your own life and in the lives of the young people you influence. If there’s every anything I can do to help you or your team do that, don’t hesitate to make liberal use of the post comments sections and the social icons at the top of the page, or feel free to get in touch using the Contact page.

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