Post Camp Wrap Up

I spent the last 2 weeks at camp with our high school and middle school students digging into the first part of the Exodus story. While they’ve added moderately dependable wi-fi in the past few years (which allowed us to Skype with a missionary friend on the other side of the planet!), the camp schedule doesn’t lend itself to much writing, so allow me to unpack a few camp thoughts and interesting facts this morning:

  • “If your presence doesn’t go with us, don’t send us up from here.” The presence of God is critical to the people of God carrying out the mission of God. It’s only in His presence that we are strong enough for the task at hand.
  • Was it significant in Ex. 33 that Joshua would stay behind in the Tent of Meeting? What was God doing in those times together to prepare Joshua to lead His people in a whole new way upon Moses’ last trip into the mountains?
  • It’s always sad to see kids live down to the labels they’ve been given – and awesome to see them overcome those labels when they learn to find their identity in Jesus. This goes for the brainiacs and the ADHD kids, the techie geeks and the cheerleaders. When we accept the identity He gives us as His sons & daughters, then we can live lives worthy of the calling that we’ve received.
  • Israel was pretty quick to promise to obey the Law God gave, but when the leader was incommunicado for a few weeks, they were even quicker to desert both God and His spokesman. How patiently do we wait for God? What does it take to distract us from His purpose?
  • “I threw the gold into the fire, and out came this golden calf?” For someone who was supposed to be adept at speaking clearly, Aaron came up with the lamest excuse ever on this one. I’ve heard better stuff from my 5 year old.
  • We made through the entire week of Jr. High camp without having to force any of our boys to take a shower! See, I told you there’s hope for the future.
  • Christ doesn’t set us free so that we can just do whatever we want; it’s so that we can worship God the way we’ve always been meant to worship Him.

While my 2 boys are at Junior camp this week, the camp season is done for me for this year. It’s been a good, stretching summer. School starts in just a couple weeks for most of our students and will swallow up more and more of their time. Pray that the way they’ve grown and been challenged this summer would not be swallowed up as well…

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