One More Step

I just spent the afternoon with a bunch of high school kids and their youth leaders jumping off a perfectly good cliff. Many people are concerned about other people who do this. Why on earth would one hurl his body from terra firma? The rocks of the cliff are nice and solid. Every step is firmly met with strong support and confidence that our resistance to gravity will continue for a few more feet. But then some kid has to inch up, right to the edge of stability… and take one more step.

Glory goes to the brave, evidently, and soon courage is mustered sufficiently to provoke the masses to seek the thrill and follow suit. One more step beyond safety into the clutches of gravity toward the cool waters of the lake below.

So many times this is ministry… It's life… One more step.

What do you need to do to go all in with your life? Is safety keeping you from experiencing life? Take one more step.

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