Update to Standard 3

I’ve just updated my blog to the Standard 3 Theme. This probably means very little to most of you, but you may notice a few added touches here. It’ll be a lot more tidy and a little more sleek (maybe the rest of my life will soon follow suit!).


If you blog (specifically if you blog on WordPress) check out my affiliate link to get the theme yourself and help feed the hungry children that live in my house. It’s been easy to work with and the support has been great when I’ve gotten myself stuck a couple times. If you don’t blog, maybe you should consider starting up…

  • You’ve got something to say that we need to hear.
  • Writing may help you clarify what God’s doing in your own life. This doesn’t haven’t to be let out into the wild (like on a blog), but if it is, it just might help someone else, too.
  • You have friends that will listen to you. Blogging could be a great way for you to be a little salt & light for their lives.

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