Top Posts for June

June wasn’t the busiest month here at Imminent Crash, but it was close. With CIY Move going on, I had several midnight posts sort of ‘exhaling’ each day at the conference. Those were some tough days and it was a good exercise for me to process all that had happened those days, but I think I’m still recovering from the deprivation of sleep!

Here are the top posts from the last month:

Church Vans, Hail, & What is Enough?Reflecting on safe travel & hail damage.

Quick CO2 from CIY Move – Day 1

What Were They Thinking?A fun post celebrating 18 years of our marriage! (Still the best decision I’ve made outside of following Jesus.)

CO2 from CIY – Day 2 – An exhale after the most emotionally exhausting day of CIY Move I’ve ever been a part of.

CO2 from CIY – Day 3 – When I unwittingly stepped in to pinch hit for Mark Moore… sort of.

CO2 from CIY – Day 4

If you missed these posts, feel free to browse back through them. With 2 weeks of camp and a few days of family reunion coming up, I’m not sure what the July postings will look like, so this may be a great month to go back and re-share some of the older posts with all your favorite people. Welcome to July.

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