CO2 from CIY Move – Day 4

The focus yesterday was Forgiveness, the code of relationships flipped upside down by Jesus. No more “eye for eye”, no more holding back and holding grudges, no more walls built between us and allowed to stand.

One of the dynamics that’s been different for me this year is the young age of a pretty good portion of our group. We have several freshman that were able to come, as well as several other students who haven’t ever been to CIY Move before. Couple that with the way this week started (check my post from a couple days ago) and it sheds a great light on the way the group has been coming together. At the beginning of the week, they didn’t quite know each other and were kind of keeping each other at a safe distance. It’s been awesome to see how that distance has decreased in just a few days as they trust each other more and more.

I’m keeping this post short, because we’ve got one more day to get to and it’s starting now. Please be praying for our students and adult leaders – can’t wait to see what God’s working on today as He makes all things new!

P.S. Our adult leaders are awesome and I’m so thankful for each of them. Did I already mention how much I love having my wife here this year? I really do.

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