CO2 from CIY – Day 3

Today was full of great conversations with students here at CIY Move. The focus today was the community that Christ creates in us and we talked a lot about the mission that He’s given His community. It’s been good to see our students begin to open up as they start feeling more and more trust with each other. Now, it’s important to keep that community centered on His mission. Really, the community is born out of His mission.

I also had a bit of an adventure this afternoon. For electives this year, CIY is using some video teaching from some great Bible teachers. One of my favorite teachers at CIY in 13 years of being a youth pastor, has been Mark Moore, so I gladly took the chance to serve as kind of a host for the room showing his message. I was supposed to introduce the concept & teacher, then after the video, draw out some quick application for students to grab onto and tie things together.

Mark Moore is with us all week here in Durango, so the intro went pretty smoothly. We got the video going, adjusted the audio and everyone was pretty well settled in for 40 minutes of great teaching from the words of Rabbi Jesus. About halfway in, however, the DVD stuck on a frame and went back to the menu screen. I tried to get it to flash past the point where there must have been a scratch on the disc, but it wasn’t happening. Several thoughts flickered through my mind at this point:

  • Just dismiss WAY early. (This thought didn’t get much traction.)
  • Sweet, I get to pinch hit for Mark Moore! (and he doesn’t even know it)
  • Crap, I’m standing in front of a couple hundred people who were looking forward to hearing Mark Moore talk about Jesus and I’m not Mark Moore.
  • Jesus, please keep me from saying anything really stupid, it’s time to improvise.

Overall, the elective ended up going pretty well. The students in the room did a great job offering their thoughts when I asked, and we had a pretty good discussion. I still would have preferred the whole video and a quick wrap up, but we all survived and we all walked away challenged to walk with a Rabbi that is unlike any other. Sometimes when you follow this Rabbi, you have to improvise.

P.S. I love having LuAnn here with me at Move this year! Thank you, children, for getting old enough to stay with Grandparents – and thank you, grandparents, for enduring the 2012 invasion of my children!

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