Self-Importance is Naught

A recent experience has me thinking about self-importance. If you can’t just say what needs to be said without calling attention to how important it is that it’s you saying it (as opposed to someone else with opposable thumbs and vocal chords) people are probably going to miss what you actually have to say. Most people find it incredibly difficult to pay attention to someone who has placed themselves on a perch from which they look down and talk to us peons once in a while.

By most people, I guess I just mean me and my competitive ego (with suspicions that I’m not really alone).

I understand having a proper introduction – and maybe that even includes highlighting some achievements that are relevant to the moment. But let someone else give that introduction. Don’t tell me how important is is for me to be listening to you and how fortunate I am to have the opportunity. If you have to tell me of your awesomeness, it’s probably not really that awesome. Let someone else be the one pointing out how great you are. It’ll mean a whole lot more, and you won’t look like such a pompous tool.

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