Love Does: Adventures with Kids!

One of my favorite parts of Love Does, from Bob Goff was a chapter when he talked about adventures he’d had with his kids when they each turned 10. He may have called them capers, but whatever you call them, they’re the kind of thing that God can use to draw the hearts of children and parents together. (Nope, I just checked to be sure… they called them “ten year old adventures.” He called other things capers, but these were definitely adventures!)

“The kids got to pick something in the world that captured their imaginations, fanned their whimsy, or sparked their curiosity, and then we’d just go do it together. There was no planning, no preparation, no thinking about all the details. We’d just go do it.”

As I told my family about the ten year old adventures… the eyes of my oldest daughter grew to about the size of a moon hung low on the horizon and she asked what I knew she’d ask, “Can we do that for 13th birthdays?” Guess which birthday is coming up for her in about 4 months? (Holy honeymoon! How can I have a 13 year old in 4 months!?)

I’m not sure exactly how or what yet, but we’re doing this.

Well… we’re doing something anyway.

It doesn't seem so far in pixels!

Emily’s thinking Italy.

I’m thinking I have 4 kids and a youth pastor’s salary… Bob Goff is a lawyer. Maybe some boundaries need to be set differently. Then again, that’s kind of what this is all about: recognizing how many of our self-imposed boundaries are so artificial and conquerable. As Bob writes, love “doesn’t recognize boundaries and never obeys the rules we give it.” It just does stuff that needs done.

What is your love doing lately?

Stay tuned to find out more about our family’s modification of the Goff’s 10 year adventures… (By the way, did you know you can subscribe to Imminent Crash via the RSS button at the top right of this page or the e-mail subscribe field right below that?)

Maybe we’ll have an October guest post from Emily, writing from the canals or the Coliseum!

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