VBS Week at WestWay

It’s Vacation Bible School week here at WestWay, so we have a ton of kids visiting our “Adventure Island” for 5 days exploring some promises of God. (To be more accurate, there are several tons of children bouncing around the facilities, but that’s not really the point.) I want to share just a few quick VBS related thoughts:

  • I’m really glad that I am not in charge of anything for the VBS. I love working with older students, but I am NOT good in the children’s ministry department. I think it’s because I have no idea where the right boundaries are… I mean, why can’t we climb on those pews and play dodgeball in the sanctuary, anyway? At any rate, I’m thankful that we have a great children’s pastor who loves little kids more than what is reasonable (What kind of love is really reasonable, anyway?) and is dedicated to sharing God’s Word with them in every way he can. Thanks, Joe!
  • My most vivid VBS memory is getting pooped on by a bird as I walked to the church building one summer. His Eye might be on the sparrow, but this was no sparrow paving the way for my flannel graph trip to Bible-land. I never got a good look at the bird, but I’m pretty sure it was the same eagle that gave Gandalf a rescue ride from the tower of Isengard. His splatter was HUGE! VBS has never been a bright spot in my life.
  • I found a picture once, of me with the Lollipop Dragon at a VBS when I was probably 7 or 8. My wife has one too, from the same week with the same church. I wonder if I pulled her pig-tails? I wonder if I should warn the kids that they could be sharing snacks with their future spouse?!
  • I love seeing so many of my students involved in everything from leading groups of kids from one place to another, to helping in the kitchen, to recreation, to counting nickels, to sound… One of the most growth inducing things I’ve seen in student ministry is when the teens are put into meaningful positions of service where they can put their faith into practice. I love watching them connect with the younger kids and realizing they have something to teach the next generation, too.
  • We had a chocolate fountain on Day 1! Ya gotta love a VBS with a chocolate fountain.
  • Youth ministers, never underestimate the power of a strong children’s ministry to launch kids into your youth ministry who are ready for whatever God has for them.

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