Catalyst Dallas Reflections 1.1

After last night’s writing got posted to the nether-net instead of anywhere it could actually be read, I’ll be posting some Catalyst thoughts in a little more bite sized pieces… more or less.

Tuesday, I’d planned to just kind of float around a bit and relax before the flight to Dallas for Catalyst. My Catalyst week was extended though, when God decided to start teaching me before the Labs had even begun. Actually, maybe it was the quiet drive time to the airport or the lunch or the visit to a thriving ministry in Denver or the reading at the airport that got my attention and got me listening to His Voice a little more attentively.

I was reminded that Jesus’ call on my life (and yours) was not a call to come and watch – but to Come Alive! Like I said in Tuesday night’s post, I don’t know how that’s all going to be fleshed out yet, but I know I’ve done too much watching lately of things that are not named Jesus.

In the first lab session, Mark Batterson spoke about what can happen when God’s people humbly pray and act in obedience to what they hear in prayer. What have you heard in prayer lately? (Full disclosure: I wouldn’t have had a very exciting answer to that question last week, either.) In Acts 10, Peter and Cornelius were regularly praying and became drawn into the extraordinary work of God.

It was a great reminder that God sometimes tells us to do stuff that He’s never told us to do before. Peter and Cornelius’ “normal” did not include the other. Peter the Jew – Cornelius the not Jew. And yet, because of their obedience, The Way became more than just another little first century Jewish sect. The splinter cell broke through the walls that separated Gentiles from Jesus when Peter was willing to risk his reputation and comfort in order to make God’s reputation great!

I wonder what dreams I’ve neglected because they just seem a little crazy? Am I sleeping to drive the dreams away so I won’t lose my reputation as a moderately sane individual? Have I grown too comfortable in letting other people define the boundaries of my ministry for me? When Jesus tells me to go “kill and eat” am I picking up a knife and fork, or am I waiting for someone else to tell me it’s ok?

If you’re a person from whom I’ve been seeking approval, I hope you’ll grant me a little extra grace in the coming months as I try to stop. It’s not that I don’t value your opinions or your input – and I’m sure I will still be seeking those in ample measure – but your approval is not necessary when I’ve already been given instructions from my Maker.

Our hope is in Jesus alone. He alone is the way to where we need to be. I hope you’ll join me in seeking Him and doing whatever it is He tells us to do.


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