Perhaps we have underestimated our capacity. Maybe being created in the image and likeness of the Creator God still means something…. Is there a conspiracy of mediocrity? Are we unwitting enemies of nobility and heroism?

We choose to live where apathy is normal and average is the goal. Occasionally, some refuse to cooperate. They rise out of the rubble of decadence and conformity, and by the power of God, they show us a new way. They shock us into reality. They force us to accept responsibility. They inspire and require us to consider a new way to be human.

-Erwin McManus, An Unstoppable Force

Are we guilty of this? Have we misunderstood what it means to be human? We think that means we’re prone to make mistakes, to mess up from time to time, right – but what if being human means something so much more? What if being human means being made by a Maker, who placed His image at the heart of humanity? What if being made by someone means we’re made forsomething? I believe being human is about more than being flawed – it’s about rediscovering the One whose image those flaws are covering and knowing the One who can heal our brokenness. I believe we are made for something – for Someone. It is time to raise the bar – to create works of art and works of ministry and works of good that direct attention to our Creator and His view of humanity.

The best has not yet passed.

Refuse to slide into the sinks of the standstill, paint by number patterns of this world.

Become all human.

Become all His.

Stand up from the fray and the debris of decay that threatens the momentum of your life.

Begin to move.

Begin to breathe.

Implore Him to clear away the complacency packed dust that has stuck on the image He once stamped deep within you.

Be renewed.

Be new.

Inspire another to know Him and make Him known in all the dark corners of the inert, where the passive seem to settle.

Bring hope.

Bring love.

Bring faith.

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