The Aftermath of a Great Event

Despite a few unexpected changes and last minute glitches, we had a great weekend here at WestWay during this year’s Spring Thing. I want to thank everyone who made the trip to Scottsbluff and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the event functional. It was a pleasure to host students and youth leaders from 16 different churches in 5 states (though we did miss our CO friends). I can’t speak for everyone, but the Jordan Howerton Band leading worship was definitely one of the highlights for me. So much so that I’m counting them as the 5th state! If any of my youth ministry friends are ever looking for a band to come in and lead worship (not just play songs), I’d recommend them without reservation. They were easy to work with, did a great job, and were just fun to hang out with.

Here comes Ryan...

The atmosphere was pretty charged all week long with some great times of worship, awesome food, a ton of fun, and digging in to John 13 – 17. I enjoyed speaking, but trying to do all the planning and speaking for a weekend event like this was a lot. I felt like I was juggling swords all week long last week, and wondering which ones I’d forgotten were still in the air. I may still need a couple more days to recover, but overall I think it went all right. (No one threw rotten melons or anything – though there was this kid with a hammer…)

I loved having the regular WestWay service combined with our last session this year. It is so important for generations in the church to realize, we are a part of the same mass of humanity that is gaining velocity together in Christ. There’s some serious, hell shattering momentum attainable when we can be fused together by His blood into one crash, storming ahead wherever He leads us all!

I hope this weekend will prove to be formational for the church in our region. Students are going home to try to share what happened with people who weren’t there to experience the moment. Pray with me that God would speak through them to strengthen His Imminent Crash. This Crash is not an accident & it’s no wreck – it’s an unstoppable Kingdom that is being led deeper into His Mission and being empowered by His Spirit to trample the gates of hell that are keeping people separate from God.

If you were here for the weekend, share your favorite moment in the comments below:

4 Replies to “The Aftermath of a Great Event”

  1. I think things would have gone a little better if you would have had more things planned for us to do. I’ve been to spring things with one themed banquet which is always fun. You could have done something like a safari for a themed banquet. I also think it is fun to have activities such as the lip syncing contest planned out instead of so much free time. However I like the verses used and thought it was neat how you had the videos for us to discuss in youth group times. It was nice to be able to go and with a few tweaks you could make a great weekend be an awesome weekend.

    1. Thanks for the comment. To be honest, I agree with you that a few more planned activities would have probably been helpful. And in fact, there were some plans that had to be abandoned very late in the process. Unfortunately, circumstances left some gaps in the schedule, and the fun stuff was pretty much up to the creativity of everyone. I just didn’t have enough Plans B or C or D.

      I’m glad you didn’t let that detract too much from the passages/messages and video/discussion times. That’s where I felt like the ‘meat’ of the weekend was – the part with the most potential to keep having an impact long after we’re all home.

  2. Mike thanks for all your hard work in preparing this weekend. Funny how some things don’t work out and then you have to somewhat improvise, but everything worked out well. I cannot imagine the pressure of organizing the weekend and ALSO preparing to speak at it…you sir are a brave man.

    It’s interesting to me how Spring Thing reflects the person who organized it. If we could lay out in front of us the last three years of ST’s, it would be easy to say that this years was yours. It had your personality and style seeping out of it. And that is what I like about these things. There is always something different. Maybe there wasn’t a whole lot of games and banquets and entertainment, I would be surprised if there was a lot of that in a weekend that you put together anyway. I believe it was exactly what it needed to be, what God wanted it to be.

    If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would have to be the times that I got to spend with my students, being able to talk with them about the weekend, or just about whatever. It’s hard for me to justify going to an event where I do not get to spend some time talking with my kids, and you provided that opportunity. Thanks for all your work Mike!

    (ps to the ‘Anonymous’ poster above…don’t critique someone and then not leave your name, own your thoughts. There’s no class in what you did.)

    1. Brave… or maybe just a little bit dumb. Thanks Matt. And thanks for being a good leader for your students with a willingness to invest in them deeply.

      Interesting observation about the personality coming through. There definitely is a distinct flavor each year.

      As far as the anonymous critique, I thought it was a fair point and not overly inflammatory, so I let it stand. An e-mail address was provided, so it’s not entirely anonymous anyway. No offense taken on my part.

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