Imminent Crash Update

Just a quick update to explain the trickle of new content here:

I’ve started another site called Imminent Crash. It’s all about youth ministry and leadership in the church ~ if you care about the church or young people, I’d love it if you’d do me a favor; check it out and let me know what you think. Subscribe if you like it, leave some comments if you want to talk back. I’ve been doing a lot of work to the inner workings of the site, which is all brand new and totally unfamiliar territory for me, which has had some ripple effects:

– I haven’t posted much here. I’m not going to be doubling the amount of time I spend posting my thoughts and experiences online, so I’m trying to find a good balance point between the two places. This may become more of a general blog, while the other site will be honed in on youth ministry.

– I haven’t posted much there, either. Because it’s new, I want to lay the groundwork well. Every time I start to write something, it ends up seeming to be ‘not foundational enough’ so I file it away for later. Additionally, right now is not the most opportune moment for me to be starting on a learning adventure like this. Lots of other irons are playing in my fire right now! I don’t know squat about actually building and maintaining a blog, so it’s been time consuming to learn about hosting and dig into cPanel & install wordpress there and installing the theme I chose to use (Standard Theme) and figuring out just what a theme even is… not to mention widgets and plugins and figuring out how to adjust the style aspects…

I’m excited to see where the new blog will go and what kind of community can be formed there. I hope that youth leaders, students, parents, and church leaders will all be able to come together there to learn how to make the most of what God’s knitting together in His church… that we’ll learn to help youth to recognize and unleash their potential for Kingdom service… that the unstoppable church Jesus heads up will gain momentum as we seek to tear down the gates of Hell that keep people separate from our Father.

I hope you’ll be praying for the new venture and join us there as we move forward wherever He leads…

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