groundSWELL Coming Tomorrow

I am really excited to take part in an online conference of a different stripe tomorrow! I love hearing from leading pastors, teachers, and thinkers at things like Catalyst and CIY Move. I love to sit at the feet of leaders and listen (or read) as they teach the art of serving people into places they never thought they’d make it, and sitting around with peers and kicking around ministry ideas. But tomorrow’s event won’t feature any seasoned “experts” or any of my peers from the youth ministry tribe. It’s being presented by a bunch of leaders from a church I’ve never visited, but one that I’m helping to shape. It’s right in line with what Imminent Crash is all about!

The presenters of groundSWELL are between the ages of 13 & 19. While I’d argue that many of them already ARE leading the church, I can’t wait to hear where God is leading these students to take His people over the next decades. I don’t like the phrase “church of tomorrow” because the next generation has the same inheritance that I do or any of the generations before me do when it comes to adoption into God’s family – but it’s awesome to see students taking the responsibility (to make disciples) that comes with that inheritance seriously and share with the rest of us what God’s doing in them.

It’s awesome to see the church recognizing God’s work in young lives on this scale. Sign up today, and check out groundSWELL tomorrow.

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