Imminent Crash

I’ve had a little bit of a fascination with rhinos ever since I heard what a group of them are called. No flocks or schools for these big boys – they’re a crash. Rhinos can’t see very far ahead, but that doesn’t seem to slow them down much. Neither does just about any other obstacle you could put in front of them. Imagine something standing in the way of 4 or 5 rhinos charging ahead… you get the picture. It doesn’t much matter what it is, it’s about to be crashed.

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While I don’t advocate a fear charged romp through life, I do think that a crash of rhinos is a great picture for the church. As we follow Jesus, we may not always be able to see very far ahead. But we follow anyway. Obstacles will arise, but as we follow together, God is establishing a Kingdom that the gates of Hell can’t even stop. Unfortunately, many churches today don’t seem very unstoppable. If you could gauge their forward progress, it may seem that often, they’ve already been stopped. Cliches like stuck in a rut, spinning their wheels, & banging their heads against a wall may seem to fit. But they don’t fit the church as Jesus intended it to be. The gates of Hell seem to be standing pretty strong in many of our communities – gates that keep people separated from God.

As a youth pastor, I have had a view of a tremendous conduit of an energy that many churches need to maximize: their kids! Instead of putting our kids on the playground to run off their excess energy or behind a desk to learn something they’ll be able to use “when they’re older”, what if we realized Jesus’ command (it really wasn’t a suggestion) to “let the children come to me”? What if we learned to allow Him to shape His kids and unleash all that potential into a kinetic band of Kingdom workers? Instead of watching them trickle away from churches where they never really connected, would we be able to launch them into the Kingdom lives Jesus has always dreamed for them?

Imminent Crash is all about doing just that.

I want to help you and your churches learn to connect experience with energy, to turn potential into action, to equip the unstoppable church that we can be when generations are drawn together on the mission of Jesus. I don’t have all the answers, but I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned about helping students understand what it means to be the church ~ and helping the church understand how to raise up these young disciples. Whether you’re a parent or a student, a pastor or a youth leader or a teacher… I hope Imminent Crash will spur you on to investing yourself in the next generation and helping them launch into lives of discipleship. Use the subscription button & like the facebook page in the sidebar, or just check back often to follow along. Be sure to join the conversation through the comments sections on each post, and use the sharing buttons as frequently as you like to let all your friends and followers know what you’ve found here.

Join the Crash!

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